The Grateful Read

In appreciation of the fabulous fans of We Wanted to Be Writers—especially those motivated enough to send pix! To join this illustrious group of discerning readers, send your digital mug (or other pose with our book cover clearly visible) to cheryl at wewantedtobewriters dot com. 

Special thanks, and heaping vats of awesome sauce to dear friend Bill Girsch, without whose help—psychedelic and otherwise—this on-going project wouldn’t be possible.


2 responses to “The Grateful Read”

  1. Esther

    These photos say a lot about the human race. From cooks to criminals, from students to snoozers – we all treasure the book and the pix.

  2. Cheryl

    Thanks, Esther. These people seem far more particular about their reading matter than we are about who reads the book. Quick—go find a lot more of them!

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