Robin Green

Photo by Mitch Burgess

Robin Green was born in Rhode Island. She earned a BA in American Literature from Brown University in 1967, where she took a few fiction classes  from John Hawkes. After graduating, she worked as a secretary for Stan Lee, editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics. She then became a free-lance  journalist, writing for Rolling Stone in the heady days of the New Journalism. Then, wanting to get back to her fiction, she applied to the Iowa  Writers’ Workshop, where she earned an MFA in 1977.

She met her husband Mitch Burgess, her writing/producing partner, at Iowa (he was an undergrad in a fiction class she taught; they didn’t date until the semester was over, she’s quick to point out). After Iowa, she went to LA and worked as an editor at California Magazine. After a few years, John Falsey, a classmate from Iowa, asked her to write a script for a show he’d created with Joshua Brand, A Year in the Life. From there, she went on to write for a number of critically acclaimed TV series, including Northern Exposure and The Sopranos.


Robin won an Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards for her work on the CBS series Northern Exposure. She was awarded the 2001 and 2003 Emmys for Best Writing of a Drama Series for episodes of The Sopranos, and in 2004 for Outstanding Drama Series. In 2007, she shared with Mitch Burgess a Writers Guild of America award for best Dramatic Series, The Sopranos. In addition she also has won two Peabody Awards and a Golden Globe for that show.

Television work:

Blue Bloods (2010-present)
The Sopranos (22 episodes, 1999-2006)
“Live Free or Die” (2006) TV episode (written by)                                        

“All Due Respect” (2004) TV episode (written by)                                        

“Cold Cuts” (2004) TV episode (written by)                                                

“Irregular Around the Margins” (2004) TV episode (written by)              

“Whitecaps” (2002) TV episode (written by) (17 more)                              

Party of Five (4 episodes, 1997-1998)                                  

“Free and Clear” (1998) TV episode (written by)                                          

“Of Human Bonding” (1998) TV episode (written by)                                

“Adjustments” (1997) TV episode (written by)                                            

“Zap” (1997) TV episode (written by)                                                          

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1996) TV series (unknown episodes)

American Gothic (1 episode, 1995)                                      

“Dead to the World” (1995) TV episode (writer)                                          

Northern Exposure (25 episodes, 1991-1995)                      

“Tranquility Base” (1995) TV episode (written by)                                      

“Buss Stop” (1995) TV episode (written by)                                                

“The Mommy’s Curse” (1995) TV episode (written by)                                

“Mi Casa, Su Casa” (1995) TV episode (written by)                                      

“Full Upright Position” (1994) TV episode (written by) (20 more)                

Capital News (1 episode, 1990)                                            

“Tapes of Wrath” (1990) TV episode (writer)                                                

Almost Grown (1 episode, 1988)                                          

“If That Diamond Ring Don’t Shine” (1988) TV episode (writer)                  

A Year in the Life (2 episodes, 1988)                                    

“Peter Creek Road” (1988) TV episode (writer)                                            

“The Little Disturbance of Man” (1988) TV episode (writer)