Joe Haldeman

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Joe Haldeman was born in Oklahoma City. He grew up in Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Washington, D. C., and Alaska.

Drafted in 1967, he fought in the Central Highlands of Vietnam as a combat engineer and received the Purple Heart.

He earned a BS in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Maryland, followed by graduate work in math and computer science, but he dropped out to write, eventually completing his MFA in fiction at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 1975.

Joe lives in Gainesville, Florida and Cambridge, Massachusetts with his wife of forty-four years, Gay. He has been a part-time professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1983, and has taught writing workshops at Michigan State (Clarion), Clarion West Seattle, SUNY Buffalo, Princeton, University of North Dakota, Kent State, and the University of North Florida. He has also worked as a statistician’s assistant (HEW), librarian, computer programmer, musician, laborer, occasional platform speaker and consultant.


Earthbound (Ace Books, 2011)

Starbound (Ace Books, 2010)

Marsbound (Ace Books, 2008)

The Accidental Time Machine (Ace Books, 2007)

A Separate War [short story collection] (Ace Books, 2006)

War Stories (Nightshade Press, 2005–collection of WAR YEAR, 1968 and shorter pieces)

Old Twentieth (Ace Books, 2005)

Camouflage (Ace Books, 2004)

Guardian (Ace Books, 2002)

The Coming (Ace Books, 2000)

Forever Free [sequel to The Forever War] (Ace Books, 1999)

Forever Peace (Berkley, 1997), Hugo, John Campbell Award and Nebula Award

Saul’s Death [poetry collection] (Anamnesis Press, 1997)

None So Blind [short story collection] (AvoNova Books, 1996)

1968 [novel] (Hodder & Stoughton, U.K., 1994, William Morrow, Inc., 1995)

Vietnam and Other Alien Worlds [essays, fiction, poetry] (NESFA Press, 1993)

Worlds Enough and Time [novel] (Morrow, 1992)

The Hemingway Hoax (short novel) Morrow, 1990)

Buying Time [novel] (Morrow, 1989)

Tool of The Trade [novel] (Morrow, 1987)

Dealing in Futures [short story collection] (Viking, 1985)

Nebula Awards 17 [anthology] (Holt, 1983)

Worlds Apart [novel] (Viking, 1983)

Worlds [novel] (Viking, 1981)

World Without End [Star Trek novel] (Bantam, 1979)

Infinite Dreams [short story collection] (St. Martin’s Press, 1978)

Study War No More [anthology] (St. Martin’s Press, 1977)

All My Sins Remembered [novel] (St. Martin’s Press, 1977)

Planet of Judgment [Star Trek novel] (Bantam, 1977)

Mindbridge [novel] (St. Martin’s Press, 1976)

The Forever War [novel, Master’s Thesis] (St. Martin’s Press, 1975; reissue in an Author’s Approved Edition, Avon 1997; reissue, Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martins Press, 2009)

Cosmic Laughter [anthology] (Holt, 1974)

War Year [short novel] (Holt, 1972)

Some titles have been published in as many as 20 languages. Dozens of Joe’s short stories, novelettes, and novellas have appeared in various science fiction magazines, along with a few appearances in “mainstream” magazines such as “Playboy.” He has also published songs and poetry, primarily in smaller magazines, but also in “Harper’s” and “Omni.” Several of his books have been made into movies or adapted for the stage. Joe has been awarded his genre’s highest honors multiple times, including the Hugo, Nebula, Ditmar, Rhysling, World Fantasy, and John W. Campbell awards. In 2012 he was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame.

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