Jennie Fields

Photo by Russ Mason

Jennie Fields was born in Chicago and raised in Highland Park, Illinois. She received her BFA in creative writing from the University of Illinois, and an MFA in fiction in 1976 from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, which helped to toughen her up for her next career: advertising. After 32 years of writing McDonald’s jingles and dreaming up green moths to help sell sleeping pills, (all the while writing novels) she decided to finally take the plunge to write fiction full-time, leaving New York to live with her husband in Nashville, Tennessee. Her next book, The Age of Desire, will be published by Viking in 2012. She has a 24-year-old daughter, two grown stepchildren and, missing the patter of little feet, has adopted a puppy who thinks everything Jennie writes is delicious.



The Age of Desire (Viking, 8/6/2012)

The Middle Ages (William Morrow & Co., 2002)

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry (William Morrow & Co., 1997)

Lily Beach (Maxwell MacMillan International, 1993)

Her books are also published in Germany, Great Britain, Australia & New