For Teachers

Save a tree: Learn from the pros

This section of our website provides articles and discussions about teaching writing, plus links to other resources for students and teachers of writing, and writing program organizers.

Most of the nearly 30 writers interviewed for We Wanted to be Writers are currently teaching or have taught, some of us for many years. Some of us have also set up writing programs and some of us have headed programs, or head them now.

We’ll share our experiences and offer advice and tips, along with a cautionary tale or two. We’ll also try to answer that question that everyone seems compelled to ask:  Can writing be taught? And since we were all students once, we’ll offer tips on how students can get the best from any writing program.

We’re always posting new articles about this topic in our Blog, too. See a list of all our posts about teaching. And of course We Wanted to Be Writers is full of reflections on best practices (see especially chapters 4-6).