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New Unger Novel Excerpted in Boulevard

New Unger Novel Excerpted in Boulevard

Douglas Unger fans rejoice! An excerpt from his new novel, Acting Is Believing, is gracing the pages of the current Boulevard (#78, Spring 2011). And the company it’s keeping ain’t too shabby:  New work by Joyce Carol Oates, Charles Simic, Kevin Prufer, and Anis Shivani. Award-winning writers such as Albert Goldbarth, Miriam Kotzin, Floyd Skloot, […]

Who Do You Trust Part 3

Chicolini to the Rescue Read Part 1>> Read Part 2>> By Doug Borsom For me, neither the anointed reviewers and critics who publish in the usual suspects, nor the book lovers who rate their reads at Amazon are the answer to the question: What should I pick up next? But there is an answer. Before […]

Book Reviewer Redux

Who Do You Trust?  Part 2 Read Part 1>>> By Doug Borsom So if I can’t rely on the oracular voices of book reviewers in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books (What is this obsession with New York?), who can I look to for guidance on reading? The […]

Book Review Review

Who Do You Trust? By Doug Borsom OK, it should be the objective form. But how do you decide what to read? I’m thinking of contemporary fiction. I look for prospects in the usual places: The New York Times Book Review. The New Yorker. The Atlantic. The New York Review of Books (so many applications […]

What It Means to Be a Writer Today: Part 7

Who Wrote the Book You Loved? By Don Wallace Who are the greatest writers of the 20th century? I nominate the following: Constance Garnett, C.K. Scott Moncrieff and Francis Steegmuller, Gregory Rabassa and Edith Grossman, Edwin and Willa Muir (with Eithne Wilkins and Ernest Kaiser), Norman Thomas di Giovanni, Robert Bly and, I don’t know, […]

Michelle Huneven Reading from "Blame"

Michelle Huneven Reading from “Blame”

Publisher’s Weekly had this to say about Michelle‘s third novel, which was nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award: In this gripping tale, Huneven charts the parameters of guilt and how a young, wisecracking intellectual becomes a shadow of her former self . . . . Brilliant observations, excellent characters, spiffy dialogue and a […]

What It Means to Be a Writer Today: Part 6

The Problem with Good Books By Don Wallace When we asked whether Bad Books ruin us for Good Writing, it was a bit of a softball question, as Bad Books are part of the same cultural arc that acclaims White Castle sliders and “Dancing with the Stars” and Kill Bill, Vol 1—part of our All-American […]

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Jennie Fields Reads from Her New Novel

The Age of Ecstacy will be released by Viking in 2012. Here’s a little something from Jennie to make the wait harder.