Books by the Bed

Whether they cover every inch of shelf space and flat surface or reside pristinely in an e-reader, books by the bed are the constant—and ever-changing—companions of avid readers. They’re special, different from the tomes of daylight, flirtatious, fun, provocative friends we array within easy reach, our last contacts with the conscious world before we surrender to sleep. In We Wanted to Be Writers, we chronicled the reading matter of our authors at the time we interviewed them, and sprinkled those fascinating lists in sidebars throughout the text.

But we believe good reads should be shared regularly and so have updated their lists for this weekly feature. And since we also believe writers aren’t the only ones with cool lists, we invite YOU, dear visitors, to submit the books by YOUR bed for the enjoyment of all who drop by.

Simply add your list to the Comment box below. Please include authors and some indication of why these books are occupying this special real estate in your life. A little about yourself for a frame of reference is good too:  at least your name or alias, city/state and profession (or aspiration in the current economy).

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