3 responses to “A Poem by Dan Guenther”

  1. Ross Howell Jr.

    Awesome. From my time at the workshop, I still remember you reading a poem about learning to shoot a gun. After all these years. Do you ever read any Kent Nelson, short story writer who lives in Ouray?

  2. Dan Guenther


    Thank you for the kind words. And yes, I have read Kent Nelson’s work. He is a unique person and a gifted writer, one with a wide range of experience and an education that includes a law degree from Harvard. I share his passion for birding, and found the stories from his book, The Spirit Bird, to be some of the best short fiction I have read. I really connect with his writing.


  3. Dick Cummins

    Nice Spirit Bird Dan…

    I want to write a poem about Dewey Crow, our favorite character in “Justified.”

    We have a crow that comes and looks in my window while I write but only on overcast days. I pay him with bread crumbs. And he keeps me honest.

    His name is Dewey.

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