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3 responses to “Books by Cheryl Olsen’s Bed”

  1. dick cummins

    Hey “Story Strumpet.” Too funny.

    Don’t let those tomes on the beside table start fighting for your attention——might need a restraining order to sleep. Hell hath no fury like a jealous work of the imagination.

    Think you need to make up your mind too——fiction floozy or web goddess?

    I like the latter but ‘FF’ is pretty good too. Har —— the gas bard.

  2. Cheryl

    Thanks Dick, I’ll happily answer to any of the above.

  3. dick cummins

    Web Goddess:

    “Licentious literateur?” The beat goes on.

    Been out of town. Will work on Karen K’s review next week. Rereading Diamond Lane for trenchant, sardonic passages. Too many to list….

    K2 says it is not possible to tickle ourselves-—but she sure tickles me!

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