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  1. Anthony Bukoski

    I was moved by your tribute to Jack and by the photo of him in the pale blue Polo shirt. You managed, Ross, to bring him back to me for a few moments. I appreciate what you’ve done in his memory. I remember buying “Ross and Tom” and having him autograph the book to my mother as a Christmas present. He paused for a moment to repeat her name. “Genevieve?” he asked. I also remember when he telephoned me at the Sears store in Iowa City, where I worked in the Complaint Department. He’d call to say I’d receive a teaching assistantship the next semester. Good memories. I thank you for the tribute to him.

  2. don wallace

    Ross and WW2BW Community,
    A lucky man, Jack, to be remembered so warmly, accurately, creatively–thanks, Ross. I’ll regret never taking his class, because we told ourselves others were more au courant, hip, cooler, which boiled down to younger.
    He could be tough on women writers. A flaw which should’ve been worked out, you get the feeling, because his heart was good. I know this because he wrote my wife Mindy a letter nearly 10 years after we left the workshop in which he brought up their old differences and said she may well have been right. Then gave her a Michener.
    Now I regret never making the trip up to Sonoma and seeing him in his glory years!
    Again, thanks Ross.

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