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3 responses to “Books by Stefanie Gunning’s Bed”

  1. My Life in Books | Working Without a Net

    […] are how I lived my life. They are also how I remember it. And so, I shushed the demon and wrote a love poem to the stack by the side of my bed, that ever-changing tower of inspiration and friendship, grief and […]

  2. Ilana

    I love this piece. Books define my life as well, and I can definitely think of the various ones that have been in, around, underneath and on top of my bed as being reflective of certain times in my life.

  3. Katie Woodard - Extraordinary Extras

    I absolutely love this. The second paragraph basically puts into words how I feel about books and what they do for a human being, especially a young one. That is why it devastates me people in poor countries don’t even have libraries or books to read. They were such an integral part to who I have become

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