We Have Winners!

BoBbtB#2 Cover 4 WW2BW AXAIn the first drawing of our month-long Great Grateful Book Giveaway, the lucky recipients of Best of Books by the Bed #2: What Writers Are Reading Before Lights Out are Lori L. Lake (entered by Elisa Saphier) and Rae Francoeur (entered by Elizabeth Marro). Congratulations to all!
How to be a selfless angel, feel fabulous, and make someone else very happy:  In this month of thanks giving, as a token of our gratitude to our readers, we thought it would be fun to offer a twist on the usual book giveaway. Every Wednesday in November, we will draw two (double the fun) names to receive copies of Best of Books by the Bed #2. Here’s the twist: Rather than entering to win a book for yourself, we’re giving you a chance to show your magnanimity by entering for someone else.
Simply send the name of a friend, family member, paramour, colleague, workmate—anyone you deem worthy of this exquisite gift—to Cheryl at wewantedtobewriters dot com. Enter as many names as you like. Be sure to include:
* your name (+ Twitter name if you have one)
* your recipients’ names (+ Twitter names if applicable)
and a way for us to contact them to let them know what a swell person you are.
We’ll send the books. That’s all there is to it! The whole pool of entries will stay active throughout the month, so the sooner you enter, the better your chances. Enter now for next week’s drawing.

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