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One response to “Books by Dale Bridges’ Bed”

  1. Dick Cummins


    I succame to your evangelical directive and just finished Jincy Willett’s ‘Amy Falls Down’.

    Sure I was skeptical. Who wouldn’t – you sounded like Billy Graham. But here’s a ring kiss on this one my novel thumping friend!

    One of, if not the the, best read(s) of the year!! And I’m usually not much of believer in anything.

    But I am a fan of hugely literate snark, satire and excruciatingly good writing, (‘wish I’d said that’ every other page) especially about the publishing.

    (‘Wither Publishing’ – title of a conference held in NYC attended by the main character as a member in good standing of her concocted ‘NCN’ – the ‘National Consortium of Novelist’ – how does it get any better that this?.)

    So I too plant the flag for Ms. Willett. What an original!

    Will now get her other works from Amazon and as Prime member get free 2nd day shipping!

    Thanks DB, I really appreciated this recommendation and will pass it on as enthusiastically… dc

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