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2 responses to “Books by Bonnie ZoBell’s Bed”

  1. Melody

    I really like your idea of reading multiple books by the same author at once. I usually do them back to back and find myself wondering if quirks I’m picking up between them are real or mis-remembered. I’ll have to try concurrent reading, and I might start with Lionel Shriver since you’ve made such a case for her work.

    And don’t feel bad about the People magazines. They’re at least fifty percent advertisements so you can’t be spending that much time on them. Plus the brain needs a little quiet time to keep strengthening all those pathways you’re creating the rest of the time.

  2. Bonnie ZoBell

    Thanks for your note, Melody. I do like reading several books by the same author at a time because you get to see his/her range as well as patterns. Hope you enjoy Lionel’s work. I sure do! Oh, good! Then it’s healthy to read People magazine? Thank you for that!!

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