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3 responses to “Excerpt from Dan Berne’s Debut Novel”

  1. Dan Berne

    Thanks for posting this, Cheryl! And I’d like to offer a free, signed copy to one of your followers who posts a response — I’ll let you make the choice based on whatever criteria you choose.

    That’s terrific, Dan. Let’s give it to the first responder who hasn’t commented on the site before. Let the word slingin’ begin!

  2. Lisa Gittleman

    I find myself becoming more superstitious as I get older—surrounding myself with talismans like hamsas (also known as the Hand of Miriam or the Hand of Fatima).

    Dan, I love the excerpt and look forward to reading the full novel!

  3. Dan Berne

    Lisa, I love your comment and thanks for pointing me to the Hand of Miriam (Fatima). That’s a whole other exploration itself, especially how goddesses were handled by the male hierarchy. So, congratulations on being the winner of a signed copy of The Gods of Second Chances! I hope you enjoy it.