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8 responses to “Excerpt of Bonnie ZoBell’s New Book”

  1. susan tepper

    I am so interested in this story. The over-plot is tremendous. As one who once ‘worked a plane crash’ I can’t wait to read what Bonnie has put together from so much chaos. Fabulous idea for a book.

    1. Bonnie ZoBell

      Thanks, Susan. I forgot you used to work on the airlines. Lots about that in the first novella of the book. xb

  2. Clare L. Martin

    Congrats, Bonnie!!

    1. Bonnie ZoBell

      Thanks for coming by, Clare!

  3. Dick Cummins


    Great “voice” in this piece – more please, Cheryl! (I am ordering the book.)

    BTW I happen to live about 8 blocks from the Dwight/Boundary Streets area where PSA 182 augured in (about 10 years before we moved here).

    I’ve read and listened to the cockpit voice recorder transcript of the last seconds of the flight several times as I used to fly out of Montgomery Field all the time.

    “Ma you know I love ya” and then the co-pilot whistled just before the voice recorder stopped abruptly…

    1. Bonnie ZoBell

      Good to hear from you, Dick! I’m glad you like what you read. I lived in North Park, but on Texas Street, and now I live very close to the spot where it happened, on Felton. If you should happen to come back to see responses, I’d love it if you’d email me on my website listed above (pre-order). I’m probably going to do a video journal in the area about North Park and about the crash and I’d love to interview you. Thanks again! Bonnie

  4. gay degani

    This is a stunner, Bonnie!! Brava!

    1. Bonnie ZoBell

      Thanks so much, Gay! I appreciate it! xb