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  1. Geri Lipschultz

    Just loved reading this piece. Over the top kindness and wisdom in evidence here. Just love the stuff about pre and post Slaughterhouse. We met him a few times in Iowa, and I’d read all those early books…amazed and gratified by his kind of writing. Had never been able to read science fiction of any sort prior to that.

    Really I think Slaughterhouse verges on magical realism…

    Thanks so much for those memories.

  2. Dick Cummins


    If you haven’t heard of the book, take a look at Kurt Vonnegut: Letters. If you like his voice you won’t be disappointed! I loved the letters home to Jane after he got to Iowa City and I got to know him. Brought back many memories of him and Iowa.

    I ran across another KV piece I did several years ago and just updated it a little. I was writing a “novel veiled as memoir” (The Nun, The Critic and The 80-Yard Run) about my years in the Workshop but ran out of gas when I had said all I could think of about KV and Dick Yates.

    Yours truely seemed a far less interesting character in the book so I lost momentum after several chapters about the celebrated. I once got a note from my agent with a comment from an editor about some piece of mine he’d rejected with prejudice.

    “Perhaps you should inform your client that not everyone is as interested in his life as he is…” That was just before my agent dumped me. Don’t know if the events were related…

    Anyway, as I think Cheryl is probably about Vonnegut-ed out with the ole gas bard’s posts, if you e-mail (tfcr@cox.net) I’ll attach a piece called “Everyone Was Equal Every Which Way…”

    The ending still gets me, even after not reading it for a long time. Everything in it actually happened too—of course the dialogue is depicted from vague memory—but the gist is right…

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