3 responses to “Falling Genre on the Rise”

  1. Catherine Gammon

    Great rant, Eric.
    A different perspective on the coming end of everything … Scatter, Adapt, and Remember …. a little more optimistic, in its way…
    And then there was The World Without Us… Always Bill McKibben’s Eaarth (I think I mentioned that in a Books by the Bed)
    And Hot (Mark Hertsgaard). Living in the End Times… ? (but I haven’t read it yet so can’t say for sure.)
    Cheers for the new year.

  2. Eric

    Catherine, thanks much for these additions to the disaster porn list! I’ll definitely add them to my to-be-read list. And of course, on that note, cheers!

  3. Esther

    What a nice change of pace. Thanksgiving wasn’t even here and we had Christmas stuff. My nerves were jingled jangled too soon. Now to appreciate the Good Cheer of the season.