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  1. Jennie Fields

    Love your voice in this piece, Don! Great writing. Maybe you couldn’t write on vacation – but you’re writing now.

  2. dick cummins

    Okay DW – just back from excruciating four-day softball tournament in Las Vegas, three games a day, 92 degrees, players in my 70‘s + age bracket getting saline IV’s in the dugout – legs cramped, spinal nerves damaged, crippled from bulged disks, fatigue-torn hamstrings, etc. (BTW we got a third place out of 14 teams in our 70’s age tranche and a cheesy bronze medal for our troubles to boot – ahh the nobility of human endeavor!!)

    Anyway, back home this morning, overdosed on non-steroidal-anti-inflammatories – left leg totally Grandpa McCoy-ed and now this.

    A DW post from France!

    Man do I feel better!

    This’ll probably give you the big head but there’s a ‘voice’ some writers have (a la Jennie), first person narrative and third person through dialogue, exposition and situation too, that has attitude – and that’s what makes everything they write a treat! (Subjective of course, but read on.)

    What the hell took you so long?

    I’m with Jennie on this one. Found this old post from January 2012 that Cheryl reprinted of my review of your ‘One Great Game’ book on Amazon – started out something like:

    “If you remember and enjoyed the lettered style of Hayward Hale Broun’s TV sports pieces, it’s a bet you’ll like the writing style in Don Wallace’s `One Great Game’. He’s not so over the top as Broun, but his prose style brims with lyrical language, smart allusions and penetrating social reflection.” http://wewantedtobewriters.com/2012/01/january-calendar/

    So listen, I don’t care if you only jot down a goddamned menu, let us see it, can’t you?

    You have fans my friend. Treat them well! We await some serialized chapters of these ‘Idiot’ shenanigans that you’ve been crowing about for months. And if not chapters, then how about at least a trenchant passage or two?

    Your fans are getting restive and even a little sullen, Don. Next comes mutinous – which can harm book sales… :-)

    BTW – hope ‘Idiots’ doesn’t get reviewed as ‘regional’ or ‘island’ or ‘territorial’ and you don’t get tagged as a ‘geographical’ writer or some such.

    (Opinion alert!) – The place of a book I think is as important as its characters because the sense of ‘place’ becomes a ‘character’ – and has ‘character’ too. There in lies enrichment (Tony Bukoski’s Polish Duluth/Superior).

    Unknown – will your ‘Idiots’ adapt to their Isle of Brittany environment or will they try to adapt it to fit their characters – for better or worse? Probably your title is a big clue no?

    Hey, inquiring minds want to know my friend, so at least toss us a teaser crumb trail can’t you?


  3. don wallace

    Jennie, thanks so much! Speaking of voices, you have a blessed instrument, too.

    Dick, what can I say? I should always listen to you. And I do! It just takes me a little time… And the ways of publishing do work mysteriously, I must say. Anyway, many thanks and also, many winces of sympathy over your ailments–wait a minute, did you say you were in Las Vegas playing softball? No sympathy here!

    Great scene, by the way–geezer ballers getting IVs. Clint Eastwood’s next movie.


  4. dick cummins

    You listen fine DW – but where’s the do? ‘Idiot’ excerpts?’

    Just a crumb – no time-consuming autographs don – just some crumbs…

    dc – a gas bard by the sea…

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