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  1. Dick Cummins

    Nice, Dan. Saw PBS special on wolves of Yellowstone.They mentioned 832F being killed during hunting season to thin wolf population I believe.

    FYI, our literary consultant——Diane, wife’s friend from grade school in Iowa, now in Santa Monica and tax consultant to the stars and screenwriters——recommended Craig Johnson’s western mystery series, set in Durant, a small town on the Montana-Wyoming boarder. I know, but her tastes are eclectic and good writing is good writing…

    After she introduced us to the excellent Elizabeth the First Wife I take her word for quality and got the first three books in the “Longmire” set (actually a birthday present).

    Hey! This guy Johnson can write like a son-of-a-bitch!Think Elmore Leonard dialogue with a Hemingway sensibility for tempered emotions, lyrical description and getting all the words absolutely spot on tight!

    Also who-done-it plotting is absorbing and of course his stuff is character driven as USC college then Viet Nam vet writer is doing sheriff’s narration. His old HS football chum, a Northern Cheyenne named Henry Standing Bear, works with him to solve res problems, of which there are many.

    Also have started following the A&E developed “Longmire” series on Netflix: first ten episodes and watched the latest one real-time on A&E last night with aggravating commercial interruptions.

    Cannot believe after a tragic car crash scene with Walt’s (Longmire’s) daughter being severely injured by a drunken driver, there was commercial break to ad for Jim Beam.

    What could the schedulers possibly have been thinking?

    In an interview at end of first book:

    “…how were you able to take what Longmire refers to as ‘mystical horseshit’ (ancient and intuitive native wisdom) … and make it feel neither preachy nor contrived?”

    Answer: “I have no clue. I wrote that half of the chapter in about four hours and to be honest, I think I was possessed. I approach both poetry and spirituality like literary nitroglycerin——a little can do a lot——and you damn well better be careful with it!”

    Here, here… dc

  2. Allyson Adams

    Thanks Dan, your poem strikes a chord! I’m from Montana and wrote a play about the very same thing called “Wolf No. 39.” Another famous wolf, based on a true story. Bad situation for wolves. Poor predators didn’t ask to make the cowboy an enemy.

  3. Leslie Ullman

    Lovely poem, Dan. I love the images, and how they create a ghost presence, a kind of Everywolf! Your poem honors the mysteries we overlook when fear closes us off from the natural world…

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