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  1. Ross Howell

    Thanks for posting, Eric. An American master and the absolute master of dialogue in the novel.

  2. Dick Cummins

    It was one of my teammates, ten years ago now probably, a novelist who started writing in his dotage too, who gave me his copy of Elmore Leonard’s stories – When the Women Come Out to Dance, a Dark Alley edition – 2004.

    This from “Hanging Out at the Buena Vista”:

    …She sipped her drink.

    “Is it a matter of time with you?”

    “I’ve been given six months. How about you?”

    “A few months to … who knows.”

    “Are you afraid?”

    “Not so much anymore. You learn to live with it, ” he said.

    “In a manner of speaking,” she said smiling.

    “This waiting, doing nothing, the guys here talking about their golf. I can’t get used to it.”

    “I can’t either,” she said and they sipped their drinks. Not a sound came from inside the house or outside either.

    “You want to get out of here?” Vincent said.

    It surprised her. “What do you mean?”

    “Take off. Go somewhere.”

    Natalie said, “I suppose we could,” nodding. “Or,” she said after a moment, “you could get your pills and move in with me.”

    “Would we sleep together?” Vincent asked, looking straight at her.

    “Well not the first night,” she replied smiling.

    “No, of course not,” Vincent said, and reaching over he took her hand and held it.

    Good bye Mr. Leonard, you’ll be missed.
    Thanks for the post Eric.

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