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3 responses to “Books by Trip Starkey’s Bed”

  1. Diane Warrington

    If you liked Gilead then you must read Home as well. Utterly beautiful, truthful and left me swallowing hard at the end because it’s so real about human relationships, particularly families.
    Also The Road by Cormac McCarthy. A post-apocalyptic novel that isn’t interested in the disaster but how 2 people cope in the aftermath. Once again a beautifully drawn relationship between the boy and man. This novel is like poetry: there isn’t a word there that shouldn’t be and you can’t add anything. Awesome writing. I’m an English teacher and I spend my reading life mentally editing books I read but not The Road.
    How about Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the end of the Lane?
    And The Gift of Stones by Jim Crace?

    Happy reading.
    And by the way, I too have my books organised alphabetically but in sections: sci-fi, magic realism, and have piles by my bedside, including a whole bookshelf of unread books.

  2. Trip Starkey

    Diane –

    So sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have thought of picking up Home multiple times. I love Marilynne’s essays. She is a literary Titan for me. I will definitely check out Home. . .

    As far as McCarthy goes, Child of God is one of my all-time favorites. I’ve read bits & pieces of The Road and some of his others. He is one of those dark southern heroes that I can’t get enough of. Such a brilliant writer.

    I’ve never heard of Crace, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Gaiman’s new book. He did a reading at Tattered Cover in my hometown of Denver. I was out of town, at school, I think, and was very sad to have missed it.

    Hahaha – I understand that mass of unread books!

    Thanks dearly for the comment back. I’m glad someone found my selection interesting!

  3. Melody Murray

    I second or rather third the approbation for Gilead. I love it so much that I’ve actually read it to people. I was fortunate enough to hear Marilynne Robinson speak at the National Book Festival in DC last year. She is just as thoughtful and resonant as you’d expect. I haven’t managed to read Home yet either, but I look forward to it.

    It sounds like you’ve got your hands full with your book reviews, so I won’t make any recommendations just yet. I do like your range of interest though, and will have to read some of your reviews.

    Happy reading!

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