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4 responses to “Books by Sarah McCoy’s Bed”

  1. Dick Cummins

    Sarah – Velveteen Rabbit? Sounds like something Alice would have ordered – if she was sitting in the Mad Hatter’s bar!

    Got me on this one.

    We have an autographed copy of Lian Dolan’s Elizabeth the First Wife and after enjoying the hell out of this classy comedy and social satire, I turned to the first page and read the inscription. “Hope this book is better than your old Cliff’s Notes!”

    It was too – way better – made me smile – and laugh out loud too. Get this one for the table by your bed asap.

    Cheers, dc

  2. Lynne Perednia

    Your column is a delightful representation of what I see in your honest, graceful writing. I enjoyed Sweet Tooth tremendously and expect you will as well.

    1. Sarah McCoy

      Thank you, sweet Lynne! I have yet to dive into Sweet Tooth but am looking forward to it. So glad you recommend. I received a couple of galleys to read first. Supporting my author friends’ book babies is paramount. 😉

  3. Jennie Fields

    I would love to know how you managed to have an online chat with Ian McEwan, my personal literary crush. I so admire his writing. I would feel the same way about a book he signed and sent to me. I might put it in a velvet case, actually!

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