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2 responses to “Excerpt from Dick Cummins’ WIP”

  1. Esther

    I don’t care. I still don’t like Nick’s father——treating a four-year-old that way, and chickens, no matter how much he is teaching him about life. I enjoyed every doggone word.

  2. Dick Cummins class of '70


    I loved that crusty ole fart more than you can imagine. He died when I was 8 with one last roll-your-own smoldering between his fingers too.

    BTW – he would have said ‘…every goddamn word’. Did you know I could cuss before I could walk? Don’t ask what my first compound word was either. And yes, my mother washed my mouth out with soap and gave my father a large piece of her mind too. Which he could use as he quit school after the 4th grade to work in a garment factory in 1907.

    Also I have been having to think about chickens lately writing this stuff (love fried chicken and peas now BTW – which proves beyond a doubt that – ‘hunger is the best sauce’ no?).

    And I’m a chip off the ole atheist block here too so don’t believe in heaven or hell of course, but I’m not worried.

    If there is a hell my ole man has things under control and I’m already set up. There is an opulent Stygian ranchette in the 7th Circle with a small business show room in the back and a sign out front.

    This is what it probably says: ‘Cummins and Son – Lemonade and Used Souls – 25 Cents Up – NO RETURNS.’

    dc The Gas Bard by the Sea…