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  • Excerpt from Dick Cummins' WIP

5 responses to “Excerpt from Dick Cummins’ WIP”

  1. Ross Howell

    Great scene. Look forward to more.

  2. Dave Larson

    Call me when it’s time for dinner! Finger-licking good story … great scribing “Nicky.” Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  3. Dick Cummins

    Dave and Ross:

    Just finished Chapter ‘N?’ – ‘Playin’ for Keeps’ – humanizes the ole man some.

    A lesson about bullies, the love of a dog named ‘Skippy Two’ and the war orphan little sister I never had because my father was not allowed to adopt her. Damn!

    She was my age, blonde, blue eyes – and my mother’s reason for saying ‘no way’?

    “They’re not related Russell…” Damn, damn, damn… Just my luck.

    Anyway, hope Cheryl likes the marble playing in the beginning of ‘Playin’ for Keeps’ – she wrote a post about her marble collection several years ago.

    More ‘novel veiled as memoir’ to follow if the fans don’t tire and the Grid Goddess responds to a popular demand of exactly two – har! dc

  4. Anthony Bukoski

    I enjoyed this so much, Dick. Thank you.

  5. Dick Cummins

    Thx TB – I often wonder if the wewanted crowd doesn’t tire of the ole gas bard’s ‘frequent’ voice.

    But hey – as long as there is one reader that will read, the ole gas bag will continue to scribble! Electricity will be off in a minute due to rewiring this ole money pit of a house.

    Off to Saturday softball… Cheers! dc

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