7 responses to “Happy Birthday, Eric!”

  1. Jennie Fields

    Eric, another year younger? Happy Birthday, Eric! I hope this year brings reality to wishes you were even afraid to wish.

  2. Martha McMurry

    Happy Birthday, Eric! I’m so glad I ended up having you for a relative. I see where the Thomas kids get all their cleverness from….I guess I can credit the O’Neils. You just got a particularly high dose, along with a good delivery.

  3. Valerie Brooks

    He’s not too old to party! I’ve partied with him and Cheryl. Sure we’re not dancing on tables or wearing lampshades as hats or getting caught … never mind! You get my drift.

    Happy Birthday, Eric! Hope you’re enjoying whatever it is you’re doing and being spoiled.

  4. Eric

    Thanks everyone, for your birthday greetings! There are two birthdays I’ve looked forward to. The first was my 21st, which meant I could drink legally, rather than, well, you know…. And the other is this birthday, because now the senior discounts at the local theater kick in! Did someone say party?

  5. Dick Cummins

    Ticket discounts? Little compensation for everything getting gray and then falling out (or off) son. Just thought of a title for my next 3-minute ‘Dime Story. ‘The Little Blue Pill’. dc

    P.S Happy Birthday as you are now not that far behind me – sliding down the razor blade of life… Har

  6. Don

    Dear Eric,

    It has come to our attention that you are still trying to gain a reduced price of admission under the pretense of being under 13 years of age. For your information, we keep a file on bearded old guys who stand on line clutching well-thumbed Archie Comics.

    But, seriously, all the best. Looking forward to seeing you two soon.


  7. Dick Cummins


    You are mistaken. Now Eric stands in movie lines clutching a large print edition of “100 Years of Decrepitude’?

    Har! – the gas bard