3 responses to “How Should Writers Act in Public?”

  1. Valerie Brooks

    Ugly fish and prepping: yup!
    As you advise, loosening up with other writers beforehand helps so much so you’re not up in your head swinging with monkey mind. (Now you have ugly fish and monkey mind playing havoc.)
    You did a great job!
    And I would add this to prep and loosen up–
    Don’t forget the sexy parts.
    Thanks for coming to Eugene!

  2. Tom Titus


    Thanks for posting that insightful piece. You got it right on multiple counts. At dinner you said it: “In this new world writers can no longer afford to be introverts.” And you also hit the nail on the head by recognizing that introvert/extrovert is just one more example of our attempt to reduce the real world of continua into artificial black and white choices.

    I am a compensating introvert, and I compensate on stage by reaching inside and finding that frothy energy of fight or flight and directing it into projection and connection with the audience.


    PS: Icefish aren’t THAT ugly. But then I’m not an objective third party…

  3. Eric

    Thanks for your comments, and of course for helping me warm up at dinner! And Valerie, thanks especially for reminding me at the reading to read the sexy part (fortunately, We Wanted to Be Writers had a sexy part, thanks to Allan Gurganus….). Tom, I like this notion of fight or flight transformed into projection and connection. A great way to deal with all that fear….

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