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4 responses to “Books by Sally Koslow’s Bed”

  1. Dick Cummins

    Loved this line… “A great book is a pollinating bee.” I would recommend Lian Dolan’s (one of the Satellite Sisters BTW) Elizabeth the First Wife. I can usually take or leave “chic lit,” with the exception of Bridgette Jones’ Diary of course, so this one has to be way up there in sardonic wit and bursting the big heads of the SoCal upper crust as she calls them, hovering over the Pasadena area.

    One Amazon reviewer says: “I’m a huge fan of Lian Dolan’s podcast work and also her writing. I loved Helen of Pasadena and this one is better yet! Full of cultural references, full of Shakespearean wit and wisdom: just plain full of fun and intellect all bundled together into a fantastic, engaging novel. You can’t call this chic lit because it goes way beyond it in style, skill, and spot-on, hard-core, just-plain-good writing.”

    Pick up ‘ETFW’ and settle in for some smiles, wit and wisdom and BTW, lot’s of insight into how the upper middle class lives, loves and entertains each other with lots of ear candy on paper too.

  2. sally koslow

    Thanks for reading and introducing me to Lian Dolan. I adore the Satellite Sisters, and did not realize that Lian is also an author. She sounds like my kind of writer: sarcastic, with apt cultural references. I will check her out immediately and perhaps Helen of Pasadena will be a pollinating bee for my own work.

  3. Dick Cummins class of '70

    I just “pollinated” Helen of Pasadena from Amazon along with ZZ Packer’s Drinking Coffee Elsewhere and preordered Jack Handey’s The Stench of Honolulu – in honor of our own Don Wallace, of couurse. Also started listening to Winter of the World, Ken Follett (Book Two of Century Trilogy – Rise of Third Reich) and it looks like I will need to drive cross country and back to finish it – looks like 30 CD’s or more!

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