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6 responses to “Books by Don Wallace’s Mom’s Bed”

  1. Dick Cummins

    Okay Don – nice. Very nice.

    But where are these excerpts you boasted about posting from your highly autobiographical novel/memoir/pasquinade (based on actual events as they say in the movies, thus intimating that the material is a pack of lies to make a better story of course). Believe your working title is: Village Idiots? —this alluding to your rock-ribbed Republican family, no?

    Anyway, you know I am a big fan — and in fact there are several others from my antiquated echelon of workshoppers waiting too, with as yet unrequited interest, for your teasers. (The few of us from ’65 to ’70 who have managed to quit drinking and so aren’t quite dead yet.)

    Frankly I’m afraid your delay is denying a local village near here its rightful Wallace.

    Actually two villages. Something tells me you can accommodate both as most families with Republican ideological infirmities usually have several specimens to spare.

    Seriously Captain — please get off some Village Idiots teasing chapters – hell even a few paragraphs — can’t you?

    Inquiring minds — such as they are — await, toes a tappin’ and fingers a drummin’…

    dc (aka – The Gas Bard of North Park) class of ‘70

  2. Don


    I’m totally in hiding trying to finish this bastard off before it finishes me. BUT I am happy to direct you and all your whipsmart questions to my Tumblr thing where I’m chumming the social media waters with fresh mackerel from France. I also drop in some other stuff, but mostly, I promise, it will be Idiocy.
    Thanks, amigo,


  3. Dick Cummins

    Hey buddy, do not stop on our account — finish the bastard!!!

    But at least before we get any older! As if that is in the realm of possibility even…

    And who said “Anything worth having is worth waiting for?”

    Think it’s something out of the New Testament…

  4. Dick Cummins

    BTW Don – speaking of time-wasting as our days grow shorter – The Gas Bard has joined something here called The Coronado Filmmaker’s Consortium and am writing a script for my first cinematic effort – “The University of Stand Up’. (Think ‘School of Rock’ here.)

    Intend to premiere at Sundance and Canne of course – although some of the more conservative Filmmaker consorts on the island think I should come up with a better name for my struggling film company first.

    What exactly is so wrong with – “Straight-to-Video Productions” do you suppose?

    Where has all the sense of humor gone lately – I ask you…? :-( dc

  5. Sean Giorgianni

    Fascinating question! To what new realms did your mom introduce you through books?

    I thoroughly enjoyed how you related books to life, your life. It’s always interesting to reflect on what titles remain current in the card catalog of autobiographical memory – and why. Thank you for sharing your mother in a most personal way.

    My mom mostly read five-and-dime-fiction and small appliance instruction manuals. After brief flirtations with the vinyl b-sides of Dolly Parton and Queen, I left my latchkey leanings behind and took up residence in my 5th grade library.

    That experience made me want to be a writer … I haven’t looked back since. Thanks for the opportunity to do so today.

  6. Don

    Sean, thank you and it’s good to hear from you again. Like you, I was a latchkey library kid and when back home gravitate to the same quiet linoleum floors and stacks of the Dana Library. Nowadays across the street there’s Jongwaard’s Bake n Broil, home of the classic uber-Long Beach hamburger and fresh fruit pies, but also much much more. Part of their charm is they don’t stay open for dinner. It’s an after-school diner.

    I’m now reading a most amazing book, by the way. Maybe you can order it at your library: The Dream Merchant by Fred Waitzkin. Halfway through I believe that Fred, who is a friend, has a chance to knock one out of the park. It’s the opposite of the fancydancing stuff we tend to see, but not stuck in a retro rut either.

    What’re you reading?

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