2 responses to “Literature: Dead Again?”

  1. James K Beach

    As one who WANTED TO BE A WRITER from the age I could read, this distressing topic is at once intriguing and tedious. True that writers have lamented the death of literary fitness for centuries — also true that Plato and others survive on the page, being just about as enjoyable as contemporary “masters” of the craft. Why was/am I drawn to the written word? or for that matter, films — both of which are entertainment and morals and lessons and cultural time-capsules that are maybe more real than real realities of Earth. Will any of this matrix endure? Why did I create an online literary magazine composed entirely of pixels and PDF-printable pages? Why do I still have armfuls and shelves full of books to read when hardly anyone reads anymore, and those of us who do read are quickly trampled by curious non-reading wannabe readers? Oh, the humanity. E-books, eh? But then, musicians and visual artists and perhaps even scientists and all creative thinkers and doers are going through the same hell in the Info-Age. We’ll figure it out eventually. I just hope the Digi-Renaissance preserves our efforts, rather than deletes or eclipses our culture. The Perfect Sky is Torn, to quote a 1990s-era pop diva. Now what?!

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