7 responses to “Excerpt from W.L. Taylor’s Debut Novel”

  1. Kurt Sipolski

    This author obviously can set up a good scene from his teaching backgound. With a beautiful, bucolic cover and creepily attractive font, this looks like a good read!

  2. Wayne Taylor

    Thanks for the kind words. Given that this is my first attempt at writing a novel, your encouragement is reassuring.

  3. Gloria Jurisic

    I am impressed that anyone in my friendship circle wrote a novel. The book title and excerpt have me hooked. I want to read more!

  4. Wayne Taylor

    Thank you, Gloria. I hope that you have as much fun reading “Death in a Fair Place” as I did writing it.


  5. Roger Freeman

    Yikes! “Death” and a school setting! As a former teacher, I can relate to that! This small sample rings true. My appetite is whetted! CONGRATULATIONS on your book! Bring on the next chapters……

  6. Sheila Cobrin

    I am impressed and want to read this from Chapter 1 until the end. Where is it either being sold or can I order it to my Kindle?

  7. Wayne Taylor

    Hi Roger and Sheila,

    It’s all downloadable on Amazon (just click on the linked title of the book in the first line of my post). Hope you enjoy it and are able to work through any residual issues you might have.

    Wayne :-)

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