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3 responses to “Books by Kathryn Leigh Scott’s Bed”

  1. Andrew DiMartino

    Interesting selection. I’ve never read any of them and will have to look them up when I have finished Down and Out.

  2. Denise Montgomery

    I always have a few books on my bedside table, and I read both before I get up in the morning, and before I go to sleep–a great way to begin and end the day in a relaxed mood.
    Presently reading Stephen Berry’s House of Abraham, a book about the “house divided” of President Lincoln’s wife’s Kentucky family, who were on both sides of the conflict during the Civil War, some of whom caused scandals due to their conduct. Another is Dying Light, second in a series by Stuart MacBride, a Scottish writer who writes very dark police thrillers set in Aberdeen, where it is always cold and rainy or snowing, but lightened with black humor. And also awaiting me is Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s The Prisoner of Heaven, a sequel to The Shadow of the Wind, and the third installment in The Cemetery of Forgotten Books series. (In Barcelona, where the books are set, there are actually Shadow of the Wind tours.)

  3. Kathryn Scott

    Thank you! What great selections . . . I read in bed every night!

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