4 responses to “What Do New Writers REALLY Need to Know? Part 5”

  1. Mona AlvaradoFrazier

    “There is no biological clock associated with giving birth to your first novel…This line alone shifted my perspective and helped lift some of the self induced anxiety of writing and revision.
    Thank you. (Now to find your previous four posts).

  2. Jennie Fields

    I’m so glad this little piece was valuable to you, Mona. It’s never too late. Just sit down and write and tell that anxiety demon to find someone else to plague!

  3. Ross Howell

    Your thoughts and advice about longer projects were right on the money. Now when I find it necessary to read and reread notes and outlines, I’ll worry a bit less about senility. Although that may be part of the problem these days! So great to be back in touch, Jennie.

  4. Jennie Fields

    Thanks for your kind thoughts, Ross. Hope you’re working on a long project the whole world will see soon!

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