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4 responses to “Books by JC Wall’s Bed”

  1. And now without further ado… | Judy Clement Wall

    […] in case you missed it… I was invited to write a Books By The Bed piece for We Wanted To Be Writers. I love that series and I had fun writing the piece. Off the top […]

  2. Valerie Brooks

    Thanks so much for such a great post. I’ll be adding a few of those to my pile of “to reads,” in particular DARING GREATLY. The TED talk nabbed me on that one.

    I’m also right in your camp with TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS, a book I give to others when needed. HALF EMPTY will also grace my towering pile and may be a go-to book as I love his voice and critical thinking. Mary Gaitskill is one of my favorite authors although I haven’t read TWO GIRLS. I loved THE HUNGER GAMES, one of the YA books that lives up to its hype along with THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.

    I’m currently reading THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS by ML Stedman. I love the voice and setting. Haunting, suspenseful and heart-breaking.

  3. j

    Thank you back! I chose TWO GIRLS for no reason except that it was on top of that stack. I’m really liking it. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never read Mary Gaitskill before. I’ll definitely read more, because I love her irreverent-and-so-damn-smart voice. Do you have a favorite book from her?

    Adding THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS to my list!

  4. Valerie Brooks

    I like Gaitskill’s short story collections, but I loved (and many didn’t) her novel VERONICA. She writes in an associative way, not chronological, and her characters can be repulsive while mesmerizing. She’s not everyone’s cuppa. But I’ll choose voice overall as the characteristic of a novel that will win me over. Will check out TWO GIRLS–after I escape the lighthouse!

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