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3 responses to “Books by Kate Brandt’s Bed”

  1. Jimin Han

    I love the themes and questions that Kate Brandt is drawn to. Reading why she chose these books to write about here made me realize I’m deeply interested in them too. I’m happy to have these recommendations and am a big fan of Brandt’s work. Thank you!

  2. Patricia Dunn

    I love this piece. It speaks to the writer and reader in me. One can’t exist without the other.
    Thanks for the reminder. Great works do inspire us to be better writers.

  3. Gloria Hatrick

    Kate Brandt is a thoughtful person. And this thoughtfulness is reflected in her fine writing and also her choice of books. I will add Kate’s recommendations to my own list in complete confidence that they’ll nourish me as a writer, engage me as a reader. Thanks, Kate!

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