2 responses to “From News to Optimism”

  1. Diane Prokop

    I went through the same progression from news junkie to news flunky. I was getting overwhelmed and depressed by the state of the world, and the mediocre quality of news organizations. I read longer articles by The New Yorker, I rummage around Truthdig.com, and I relish The Rumpus. I get my “meaning of life” stories from novels. There you have it. I’m a drop out, and couldn’t be happier.

  2. Anne Marie Ruff

    Diane, thanks for being my comrade. I was impressed with William Souder’s interview and impressed with his faith in journalism. I certainly think reporting and researching, asking questions leads to better long-form writing, be it fiction or non-fiction. My first novel, Through These Veins, basically incorporates all of the environmental reporting I did as a journalist. But after a while I found I myself grew weary of hearing the story disaggregated in 4 minute pieces and found the story more compelling if I told the truth as a fiction. So I agree with your comment about finding the “meaning of life” in novels.

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