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10 responses to “Books by Victoria M. Johnson’s Bed”

  1. Lucille Lang Day

    Thank you for your comments about my books! Also, I’m happy to know about Wild Place and Quarter After Eight as places to turn to for inspiration. As for paring down one’s library, my husband and I are bona fide book hoarders and certifiably incompetent to give such advice. We own about 5,000 books and in addition to having a houseful of books, we have books in rows of shelves like library stacks in the basement. Good luck with choosing among yours!

  2. Victoria

    Thank you for stopping by. What a lovely home you must have! Good to hear I’m not the only one who feels at home with stacks and stacks of books everywhere.

  3. Erica Goss

    Hi Victoria —
    Good advice to refrain from reading poetry before bed! I usually read fiction. Before I go to sleep, I like to have a story running through my head. Poetry can be too stimulating.

    1. Victoria M. Johnson

      Hi Erica–

      I agree. I found out the hard way!

  4. L.A. Kurth

    Ah, Quarter After Eight! I reviewed that on! I once had to move from an office where I’d kept books and papers for 12 years. Boy, that was hard. Stuffing them into my home office was not a treat and there are still some in the garage…
    I applaud your ability to leave things of the past and move to the present, Victoria, something we all must do eventually–or leave the chore to our heirs–who seldom appreciate it.

    1. Victoria M. Johnson

      Hi Lita–

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your challenge of paring down. You are correct about heirs not appreciating the chore! Not a nice thing to do!!

  5. Parthenia

    Hi Victoria, I used to work in the book “biz” and received many free books, plus discounted titles and a slew of mass market paperbacks without their covers. I lived in about 600 sq feet and had about 3k books. Books everywhere! I loved it. Then I met someone and fell in love and needed to pare back. It was sooooooooooo hard. But since then, I’ve been ok with keeping books that I absolutely fall in love with and letting the rest go. It’s a lesson of sorts. I try to hold on to only those books that I think I can’t live without. Thanks for your great post.

  6. Victoria M. Johnson

    Hi Parthenia–

    Ah, the things we do for love! Good suggestion to keep only those I can’t live without. That will help me pare down for the next move.

  7. Renée Schell

    Hi Victoria,

    I enjoyed hearing your tale of liberation. That’s how I think of it when I cull through my possessions, not just books. Even if it is difficult, there is something liberating in the sorting and culling process. I like your idea of keeping only the ones you love. I also manage to part with ones I can get hold of elsewhere—like the library. But I have found it very difficult to let go of the ones from my previous life as a German Studies scholar and teacher, even if I know in my heart I won’t read them again. I’m talking secondary literature here, not the actual poems, novels, etc., which I do re-read.

    And despite the pitfalls, I love to read poetry before bedtime. I like being in that world before I fall asleep, especially if I’ve been in the “real” world a lot that day.
    Good luck with the upcoming paring down. It’s never easy.

  8. Victoria M. Johnson

    Hello Renee–

    I keep hoping some of my old favorites will become eBooks so that I won’t have as hard a time saying goodbye. You’re right it can be liberating, and donating also helps me know that someone else will get pleasure from reading them. I can see how some books, like your German Studies books, that were such a huge part of your life, are difficult to part with.

    You are a brave woman reading poetry before sleep :)

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