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  1. Ross Howell

    Great writing, Ginger! As usual. The demons don’t seem to visit me so much any more. Life’s responsibilities, of course, weigh in. But for the most part, a character says something to me, now and again. I try to record it, weave what the characters say into something resembling a tale, rewrite after it’s rejected (sometimes accepted), and try again. I think about Walt Whitman and death, realizing I shouldn’t try to respond to an intelligent post when I’ve been drinking Irish whiskey. Anybody remember “The Ginger Man”? “Forgive me, wife, for I have strong drink taken,” J.P. Donleavy wrote. “There is nothing so wonderful as the company of writers.” I wrote that.

  2. Ginger

    God’s mercy on the wild ginger man! What a great book that is! Thanks, Ross. Indeed, nothing so wonderful!

  3. Dick Cummins

    Ginger, nice narrative drive and sensibility, which of course is why so many of us will stick with a book even if there isn’t any big “who done it” plot. (Not that Vonnegut’s advice in his first class should be ignored: “Make your main character want something – anything – even it’s only a glass of water.”)

    BTW will read just about anything you write after “in loco grandparentis“!

    Also a sucker for “Neuroses In Remembrance” stories, a la the “Angst of Snow.”

    Reminds me of Anne Lamott, a Bay Area author (Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life and Imperfect Birds a Times best seller that found a following I think of parents with adolescent daughters attending Hallucinogenic High).

    She says she lives in Marin County, a community that “resembles Mayberry on acid.”

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