One response to “The Writer/Editor Collaboration”

  1. Semsem

    I want to be a writer, just like everybody else. I have a group of friends who actually read my books and can’t wait until I get done with a certain chapter or book. I want to know if there are more people like me who start writing a book and no matter what, they can’t stop writing, they just have to finish the book. Even though the book may be stupid and most likely doesn’t make any sense, you just can’t stop. Am I the only one who is addicted to writing a story? I have gotten to a point in which a person can say any word and I would be able to write a story on it. I want to know how do I get noticed? Where are the good places you can go to get your books noticed? And does anybody know how many pages it takes to make a pilot script for a tv series or movie? My guess is 500 pages, but i could be wrong?