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5 responses to “Books by Harrison Solow’s Bed”

  1. stephanie @B4Steph

    I am a big fan of Harrison. And you and Diane… Twitter friends. Makes me want to pick up Brookner again and Llywelyn for the first time, that last paragraph was lovely. Finally I’m sure I’d find The Catholic Girl’s Guide entertaining as I could add several stories myself from the time I was a Catholic Girl in Catholic school. Nice post. I enjoyed it.

  2. Cheryl

    Always love when Tweeps find their way here! Also love when Twitter friends write guest posts, and Harrison’s is predictably remarkable. Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Dorothy James

    Great idea, a “Books by the Bed” piece. As one who can never resist peering at people’s bookshelves to see what they read, I am happy to be offered a close look at someone’s bedtime reading. Harrison’s choices predictably appeal. I haven’t missed an Anita Brookner novel yet. Don’t know Llywelyn’s book, must find it. Thanks, Harrison!

  4. HerMan

    Deep thought! Thanks for contributing.

  5. Valerie Brooks

    I am late coming to the conversation but the choice of Anita Brookner or AS Byatt reminded me of how much I love their writing and makes me curious about Llywelyn. Tantalizing piece. Thank you Harrison.

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