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One response to “Yet More on Great American Novel”

  1. Cathryn Leigh

    Well let’s see… you have to break down Roger Kimball’s words.

    “The novel plays a different and a diminished role…;” “We lack the requisite community of readers…”— Okay so we need a book that can easily be made into a movie, mini-series, or such, because while some will read, you need to use visual media to get the country involved.

    “…the ambient shared cultural assumptions…” – So essentially the book needs to me multi-cultural, prahps in a way that underlies the fact that, despite our cultural diferences, we are all human beings with hope, dreams, and fears that drive our lives.

    “…responsorial friction that underwrites the traction of publicly acknowledged significance” – I’m going to just admit that I’m lost on this one. Does that mean we all have to react in the same manner, because I asure you that’s not going to be the case. Or does it mean that somehow the book needs to make it into our school cirriculum?

    And now, I offer that up to anyone who wants to hop on it, because I’m not sure I”m up for the task… perhaps it ought to be a collaborative effort… After all, this country is made of coroporations, which are collaborations… right?