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4 responses to “Books by Robert Peake’s Bed”

  1. The Books That Made It | Robert Peake

    […] that distance as it does to buy one new, we downsized considerably. I wrote a brief summary on the We Wanted to be Writers blog of the those precious few books which made the trip, and […]

  2. stephen byrne

    This is a great post; as a man who may be relocating west I dread this predicament. I would love to know what arguments Robert was having with the translator of the Captain’s Verses and which translator.

  3. Robert

    Thanks, Stephen. It’s actually a well-respected edition. But having grown up immersed in Spanish, some choices strike me as slightly over-literal, which actually makes his work seem weirder than intended. I’ve never met a Neruda translation I really liked, so I won’t name and shame this particular translator as it’s a tough job. Wrote a bit more about this specific issue here:

  4. Books By My Bed (In a Book!)

    […] recently sent me a copy of Best of Books by the Bed #1, wherein my top picks for poetry appear alongside the top picks of twenty-four other writers (many of them graduates of the Iowa […]

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