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  1. Cathryn Leigh

    Oh no… now I’m ‘terrified’ of letting my husband edit my work… okay, well, his editing did help me with that one contest, so… :}

    Now as to the couch. I like our rule. The person who is offended must sleep on it, not the offender… Too bad the couch is so comfortable and he tends to fall asleep on it while watching TV at ungodly (for me) hours in the night/morning.

    :} Cathryn

  2. Dick Cummins class of '70


    Another related – actually larger – problem turned out to be ‘who gets to be right this time?’

    Our little 23 foot Cuban hull, glass over wood, shallow draft was perfect for Keys reef sailing but close quarters for living. With only 5’ 10” of head room in the galley my posture started to suffer and V. kindly informed me that I was beginning to look like a cormorant.

    After several weeks I had the perfect (if a little pedantic) boat name professionally painted on our new home. I called her the ‘HMS Petard’, an obvious allusion to ‘Pinafore’ but even better – etymology – ‘of pétard’ from the Old French and from ‘peter’, to break wind, from pet, a breaking of wind and later – an ‘explosion from the nether throat’ as in ‘hoist on his own petard’ – (and don’t mind my feelings, feel free to eschew visualizing this at any time).

    Anyway V. thought this mildly amusing at first – then tedious as I gleefully explained the name to many hapless tourists wandering around our marina.

    Anyway, as I started out to say – we were two strong personalities aboard the HMS Petard and something had to be done before it ended badly. On one side you had a self-absorbed, only child apprentice Ahab and wanna be writer; on the other a lovely and delicate, if iron-willed, first mate – Claggartina. What’s an apprentice future husband to do?

    Here’s how we defused our ‘My ideas are perfect – yours smell’ dominance hierarchy battles.

    Each argument ends simply and fairly like this: ‘We did it your way last time, this time it’s my turn’.

    I you decide to try this Cathryn, be sure to keep a log (in ink) as it is easy to misremember and exclaim – ‘Last time YOU got your way!’

    (Which happened fifty percent of the time on the HMS Petard too – hah!)

    Cheers and Happy Holidays! — gas

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