The Grateful Read Unveiled

Grateful Read photosFire up the lava lamps and crank up the volume on “Fire on the Mountain.” It is with great pleasure and humility that we offer a very fond and heartfelt salute to readers of We Wanted to Be Writers everywhere. The Grateful Read project is an on-going labor of love; we hope you will join the ranks of good-natured readers who’ve sent digital photos of themselves and our book—a winning combination if ever there was one!

4 responses to “The Grateful Read Unveiled”

  1. Don

    Great idea and we’re suitably grateful. You may want to send a link to the UCSC Grateful Dead Archive…

    If the mood strikes (or a match strikes) maybe I’ll try to compose an ode to the literary road trip to accompany Truckin…


  2. Cindy Martin

    Looks like we’ll need to put together a performance art troupe and take this on the road.

    1. Elyza

      A pleasingly rational answer. Good to hear from you.

  3. Ross Howell