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Sandra says she was reading a lot about Zelda Fitzgerald, and about Edie Beale and her mother, Edith Bouvier Beale, cousin and aunt of Jackie Kennedy. She admits, “They seem like locas, but they’re women who’ve been ostracized, who couldn’t take care of their money and ended up poor. They’re made to look like eccentrics, but I see these fragile old women as being vulnerable and preyed upon. Hell, I could turn out like this!

More recently I’ve been reading The Choice by Irene Eber, Daughter of the River by Hong Ying, and Jorge Luis Borges’ Seven Nights (it’s a standard bedside book for me). I also keep Cuando, Cuando Guerra by Merce Rodoreda handy, and Malcom C. Lyons’ translation of The Arabian Nights.”

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