Books by the Bed Now Weekly Feature

Since the first edition of our Books by the Bed series appeared, it’s become increasingly obvious we’re all vicarious connoisseurs of literature—as well as Wallace’s Froot Loops writing—hungry for glimpses of what everyone else is reading.

We’ll be doing a lot of bed-hopping in the coming weeks, sneaking peeks at the volumes stacked next to the beds of our authors. But we’d also like to hear what’s hovering near your mattress. Who knows when you’ll discover a new favorite read or writer? Or share the incomparable joy of introducing someone to a book that has touched your life?

So start compiling your list. We’ll unwrap at least one of these special gifts every Friday. It’s a date. Don’t miss out.

2 responses to “Books by the Bed Now Weekly Feature”

  1. PeeVee

    You ask what books are by my bed? Right now it’s Maude’s “The Life of Tolstoy”, and probably will be for at least 19 weeks, then into THE/your book.

  2. Cheryl

    Go Leo! We’re honored to be in such esteemed company.

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