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The most interesting book I’ve read is Breath, by Tim Winton. It’s a portrait of young people growing up surfing with a twisted mentor. This is something I’ve wanted to write about for years. It’s by an Australian writer. I’m reading that book that everyone reads, that stupid book by the Swedish dude. It’s the first one. I don’t think I’ll read the others. I was trying to read it at the Orange Bowl— before the game—and the people sitting behind us started telling me the plot, and then everyone in the section started chanting “Stieg Larsson, Stieg Larsson!”

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  1. Don

    “Stieg Larsson! Stieg Larsson!”

    Reminds me of the time William Gass came to Iowa to read from his epic German novel and concluded a mind-numbing performance in the packed auditorium by chanting “Sieg Heil!” until the place was empty. He was, I hasten to add, quoting from his own book. But never was the pathetic fallacy better demonstrated.

  2. Dell

    “Steig” heil

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