Intro: A Word From the Editors

A muse is a terrible thing to waste —EO

As I write this, the release of We Wanted to be Writers is six months off, scheduled for August, 2011.

We’re also just a few days away from a reading from the book at the annual meeting of the AWP in Washington, DC. That meeting takes place on February 3, at 10:30 am in the Maryland Suite of the Marriott, 2660 Woodley Rd., NW. If you’re in town, come on by. And watch this space for updates from DC.

In the months leading up to the book’s release—and beyond—we’ll update the site with regular posts from and about our contributors, news about the book, and more.

On this site now, you can read a sampling of the conversations in We Wanted to be Writers, find out more about the book and our contributors, and of course how to pre-order a copy.

We also provide links to resources for writers and teachers of writing, including links to our contributors’ websites.

You’ll also find a special Q&A feature — Ask the Writers. If you have any questions about writing, the creative process, teaching writing, workshops and the “workshop method,” the lit-biz and more, please send them along, and we’ll weight in.

In development is a feature for teachers of writing. Most of us teach writing, or have taught it. Many of us have set up creative writing programs, or have headed them, or are heading them now. In the book, we discuss teaching, best practices, and of course that question that no one seems to tire of asking: Can writing be taught. We’ll expand this conversation with a variety of materials on the topic.

We hope you find this site is a useful resource. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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